Life Science Blended with Food Technology

About ClearH2O®

ClearH2O® is a Maine-based life science company meeting the needs of leading industry researchers, breeders and hatchery managers with products that hydrate, nourish and enrich animals’ lives. A strategic partnership with nutrition and food science allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to address unmet market demands, while saving time and labor. .RESEARCH FOR ALL ®  ClearH2O products are always consistent, eliminating nutrition and hydration variables.  


Quality Manufacturing

ClearH2O products are manufactured under stringent quality standards.  Our commitment to quality is supported by and FDA approved HAACP facility that is inspected by Siliker, NSF Cook & Thurber and a third-party inspection. HydroGel®, DietGel®, MediGel®, LabGel® MediDrop®and FiberBites® products are tested and receive a certificate of analysis.


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