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HydroGel 95

HydroGel 95 is a ready-to-use hydration supplement, containing 95% water with nutrients specifically formulated for hatchling poultry. HydroGel 95 enhances hatchling survival rate and their ability to overcome the stress of transportation from hatchery to farm.

Available In:
70-20-1361 1020g pouch 56 units/case

Nutritional Information per 100g
(calculated from database figures)

  1020g Pouch
Calories 25.6 kca
Protein  0.3 g
Carbohydrates  2.2 g
Sugars 0.4 g
Dietary Fiber 1.6 g
Fat - total 1.9 g
Water 95%
Calcium 5.1 mg
Phosphorus 0.2 mg
Sodium 26.1 mg




Chick Box Portioning

Pouches / Case 15
Grams / Pouch 1020g
Cubes / Pouch 49
Grams / Cube 20.8g
Cubes / Chick Box 4
Chicks / Chick Box 85
Grams / Chick 1.0g
Chick Boxes / Pouch 12.25
Chick Boxes / Case 184
Chick Boxes / Pallet 10,290


  • Poultry:
    • Hydration supplement
    • Transportation hydration

How many cubes does each pouch yield?  49

Why does liquid seem to accumulate in the edges of the pouch?  HydroGel95 may exhibit some syneresis over time accumulating liquid (water) in the corners of the pouch.  This is NORMAL.  SYNERISIS, also described as watering off, helps the gel to slide out of the pouch without sticking to the plastic.  Many hatcheries pre-cut the gel in the morning, store the gellet™ cubes in totes and dispense them later in the day.  The moisture on the outside of the gel mitigates the gel drying out.

How many gellet™ cubes are needed per 85 chick, chick-box?


Why is HydroGel 95 dark green?

Poultry researchers have studied what colors and contrasts with color attract hatchlings most. Green, blue and red in contrast to lighter, natural earth tones like poultry bedding, or shipping crate liners has been shown to be attractive to hatchlings.  Further research as demonstrated the green color of HydroGels to be most effective.

*  When handling the product it is a good idea to wear gloves, so your hands do not accumulate the green coloring.

Why don’t HydroGels require refrigeration?

HydroGels are manufactured in an FDA inspected food manufacturing facility with each production lot tested by an independent laboratory and certified commercially sterile. The unique formulation of HydroGel for stable water retention combined with the state of commercial sterility renders the gel room temperature shelf stable.

What is the optimum portioning provided with HydroGel 95 utilizing the HydroGel Cutting Device?

One pouch of HydroGel 95 cut with the HydroGel Cutting Device yields 49 uniform cubes, each averaging approximately 20 grams. Recommended usage is 4 cubes per shipping crate to provide a nutritional hydration supplement for a shipping crate with a stocking rate typically ranging from 75 to 100 chicks.