MediGel® FBZ

Product shot for MediGel FBZ
Suitable for:
  • Rats
  • Mice


MediGel® Fenbendazole is a ready to use hydration gel supplement with Fenbendazole (150 ppm) for the treatment of pinworms.

Delivering Solutions

  • Broad-spectrum anthelmintic with adulticidal, larvicidal and ovididal action, effective against pinworms
  • Flavor masking for ease of medication delivery
  • For use in quarantine and as prophylaxis
  • 98% purified water
  • Replaces water bottle

Delivering Quality

  • Sterile inside and out
  • Tyvek® medical packaging
  • Gamma/E-beam irradiated
  • Complies with quality standards as tested by an independent laboratory
  • Certificate of analysis by manufactured lot
  • Individually coded with lot and date of expiration


  • Use as the sole hydration source during treatment
  • To be administered only under the direction of a veterinarian
  • Manufactured for use only in research animals


Purified Water, Hydrocolloids, Electrolyte Mix, Food Acid, Sucralose, Fenbendazole, Food Color.

Shelf Life

18 month shelf life. Does not require refrigeration or special handling.

Info Sheet

Nutritional Information per 100gRecommended DosageApplications
  • Calories


  • Moisture

    98 %

  • Carbohydrates


  • Dietary Fiber


  • Calcium


  • Chloride


  • Phosphorus


  • Potassium


  • Sodium


1-4oz cup up to 5 mice/2rats, given every 3 days. Note: With higher air exchange rates, provide 1 cup every two days.

Pinworm eradication:

  • In quarantine
  • Prophylactic
  • Outbreak

Instructions for Use


  • Why might MediGel FBZ be different shades of blue?

    The change in blue color is a result of photobleaching that occurs during the irradiation process. Because there are “hotspots” within the irradiation chamber, some of the product is subjected to a higher irradiation dose, resulting in a reduced blue color. Irradiation has no impact on drug efficacy or product stability.

  • How do you use MediGel FBZ?

    MediGel FBZ is an efficient and cost-effective way to treat pinworm infection or to use as a prophylactic during quarantine. Each 4oz. cup contains 150ppm of Fenbendazole, the industry standard.

    MediGel FBZ is commonly placed on the top of the cage in the water bottle slot. To use on the top of the cage, remove the water bottle and place the gel on the wire rack. The gel will not fall through the wire. Removing the gel from the cup is achieved by simply placing your finger between the gel and the cup. The gel will pop out easily. After the gel is removed, set the cup gently on top of the gel to prevent evaporation (MediGel is 98% water). Mice and rats will be able to reach the gel through the wire, getting their hydration and medication at the same time. If placing the cup on top of the cage is not an option, the gel can easily be placed on the cage floor or in a Shepard Shack cup holder.

    One cup will hydrate and medicate 5 mice or 2 rats for 3-4 days. It is recommended that cups be replaced on a standard schedule, three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday for example) . This ensures that the gel remains fresh and that the animals get consistent hydration and medication.

  • What is the best way to store MediGel FBZ?

    Unopened, MediGel FBZ is designed to be stored at room temperature and does not require special handling. Shelf life for unopened MediGel FBZ is 12 months.

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