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Quality Assurance Protocol

Sterile Inside and Out!

ClearH2O® HydroGel®, DietGels® and MediGels® are BARRIER PACKED in tyvek medical packaging and treated with gamma irradiation to asure sterility inside and out, for barrier use.

Certificate of Analysis

ClearH2O guarantees that all products are free from contaminants. As part of our standard protocol, all products are tested by an independent laboratory for microbiological contamination. Lots are released upon receipt of acceptable test results and approval by a Quality Assurance officer.

To download a Certificate of Analysis, enter the lot number below. ClearH2O lot numbers are located on both the product and outside the case packaging.

Enter the 5 digit Lot number from Product


Certificate of Processing

Consistent with customer requirements, certain ClearH2O products are treated with gamma irradiation to assure sterility. All irradiation treatment is carried out under protocols based on Method 1 testing and validations procedures.  PLEASE NOTE The certificate of processing is the only 100% guarantee of product processing.  We will not rely on Gamma / E-beam process indicator stickers as our guarantee.  

If you require a copy of the Certificate of Irradiation Processing on a ClearH2O product, please call our customer service department at 1-888-493-7645.