Zebrafish Diet

The First Gel Diet Specifically Formulated for Zebrafish

With the increasing popularity of zebrafish as a research model, there is corresponding focus on optimizing husbandry practices to address the current challenges of inefficient feed delivery, waste management, and standardized nutrition. Diet, and its form, is a key component to solving these challenges.

ClearH2O, well-known by the research laboratory animal community as leaders in product innovation for hydration, nutrition, and medication delivery gel supplements and diets for terrestrial lab animals, has applied their proprietary technology to developing the first aquatic gel diet specifically formulated for zebrafish, AquaFeed®Z.

AquaFeed®Z represents the introduction of ClearH2O’s gel delivery platform incorporating a diet formula based on the most up-to-date knowledge of the specific nutritional requirements for zebrafish integrated into a sustained delivery gel cube. The physical properties of the AquaFeed®Z gel cube elicits a more natural grazing behavior in contrast to the frantic, binge feeding associated with dry flake or pelleted diets. AquaFeed®Z improves fish health and welfare by supporting uniform feeding by all fish, reducing competition and stress.

Truly unique to the gel product format of AquaFeed®Z, is the physical property of being cut into a clean, consistent unit of measure; 1 cube = 1 gram. Feeding guidelines indicate the dosage of 1 gram per 10 adult zebrafish, making this unit of measure convenient for technicians to easily scale up or down depending on fish tank density. In addition, in contrast to dry diets, handling of the gel cube allows for clean application outside and inside the fish tank.


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