Gel Cup Delivery Devices

To deliver ClearH2O gel to the animals, we recommend to simply peel the foil lid off and place the cup at the bottom of the cage. However, depending on certain factors such as the number of animals in the cage, the strain of mice/rats, the condition of the animals, etc… the gel cup can become soiled. Below are a few options to keep the gel cup off the bedding:

Holders from Shepherd Shacks 

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  • The slanted presentation allows animals easier access to the gel
  • Elevated cups reduce contamination from cage floor debris
  • The mice have plenty of room inside the Shack for building a nest
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Nombrero from Datesand

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  • Provide clean and accessible wet food
  • Reduce costs from wet bedding replacement
  • Create an additional mobile platform / refuge
  • Autoclavable

Magnetic holders from Marine Ecological Habitats

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On-demand only, please contact Joe Zucchero at

  • Doesn’t take floor space
  • Angled presentation for easier access
  • Off from bedding


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