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High-Quality, Purified Dietary Supplements for Research Animals

ClearH2O’s nutrition products for research animals are known for their consistency and purity. Produced under the highest quality standards in the industry, DietGel® products are manufactured only with ingredients designated by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). All ClearH2O formulations are manufactured in a human food grade facility.

Supporting improved animal health and welfare, DietGel® products are proven to enhance compromised animal health, increase reproductive performance and post-surgical survival rates for recovering rodents. Our dietary gel supplements are designed with highly palatable flavor profiles and textures, encouraging consumption for optimum benefit. ClearH2O’s DietGel® products provide an economical, effective, and labor-efficient alternative to mash diets. All ClearH2O’s DietGel® formulations provide extra nutrition in addition to added hydration (30-70% depending on product) in a single soft gel serving when it’s needed most. 

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