Research Animal Enrichment Products

Improve Primates’ and Herbivores’ Lives With Enrichment Products They Love

Environmental and nutritional enrichment is critical to optimizing the welfare of the animals in your care. Primates, in particular, require considered enrichment strategies in laboratory environments.

Novel, easy-to-consume nutraceutical gummy treats like ClearH2O FiberBites®  provide non-human primates with an effective delivery method for added fiber, nourishing the bacteria in their GI tract to promote digestive health as well as essential vitamin supplements for supportive health, respectively.

By providing a source of dietary enrichment which enhances the digestive system and overall health of non-human primates, research professionals can ensure the animals in their care are healthy, strong, and in the best condition to participate in your research program.

Produced under the highest quality standards in the industry—equivalent to human food standards—ClearH2O’s products are proven pure and consistent. Enrichment products come ready-to-use to reduce labor and increase efficiency.

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