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Effectively Deliver Medication and Nutrients that Day Old Chicks Need to Thrive

Managing disease is a vital component of commercial broiler and turkey production; however, effectively delivering vaccines, probiotics, nutrients and supplemental hydration to poultry in mass application can be challenging.  Additionally, the increase in consumer demand for antibiotic-free meat has driven the poultry industry to find alternatives to traditional methods for improving health and productivity  while managing disease.

ClearH2O’s GelDrop® technology provides veterinarians and poultry producers an effective tool for the topical application of orally-delivered biologics, nutrients and hydration to day old chicks and poults.

The GelDrop® Delivery System is based on our ready-to-use gel formulas ensuring gel consistency and quality while improving workflow efficiency in contrast to powder mix gels or water spray alternatives. Compared to traditional methods of mass application, ClearH2O’s GelDrop technology increases chick consumption several fold during post-application preening, supporting improved inoculation.

ClearH2O’s GelDrop products, HydroDrop® and AquaDrop®, represent our single and double phase gel technology, respectively.  Both products have a high droplet surface tension which minimizes wicking, improves target ingredient availability, and improved consumption. ClearH2O’s GelDrop® Applicator consistently produces high-quality droplets with adjustable gel volume application control.

Discover how to effectively deliver biologics, nutrients, and supplementation hydration to your chicks and poults and improve overall animal health and welfare your consultation today.

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