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The World’s #1 Choice for Hydrating Research Animals

Leading research institutions trust ClearH2O’s products to hydrate their laboratory animals during shipment, quarantine, weaning, and trial conditions as well as during acclimation to automated watering system, or events requiring emergency water backup supply.

The world’s #1 choice for hydrating research animals, HydroGel® is a barrier packed, water gel that keeps research animals completely hydrated, clean, and dry during shipping. With a 24-month shelf life, HydroGel® requires no refrigeration or special handling. That is why leading breeders and research animal suppliers have shipped over 100 million animals using HydroGel®.

Especially formulated for non-human primates with an appealing flavor profile and containing 92% water, ClearH2O’s LabGel® promotes enhanced consumption to ensure supplemental hydration. LabGel’s firm consistency and high palatability make it ideal for use with enrichment devices. 

ClearH2O’s quality products allow you to accomplish your research without compromise. Not only do your research animals stay hydrated and healthy, but labor is reduced, improving productivity and performance within your animal care facility.

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