AquaPak® (acidified clear)

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  • 70-40-1420-1 420ml pouch


AquaPak® is purified water for laboratory animals.

Special order product with lead time, please contact to inquire.

Delivering Solutions

  • Alternative to water bottles
  • Excellent emergency water source
  • Ready-to-use pouch saves labor, eliminates bottle
  • 420 ml pouch volume provides extended water supply
  • Pouch format fits most cage designs

Delivering Quality

  • Commercially sterile inside 
  • Complies with quality standards as tested by an independent laboratory
  • Certificate of analysis by manufactured lot
  • Individually coded with lot and date of expiration


Purified Water, Food Acid.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is 24 months, unopened at room temperature storage.

Nutritional Information per 100g
  • Water


  • Phosphorus


Recommended Dosage

1- 420 ml pouch per 5 mice/2 rats up to 2 weeks


  • Alternative to Water bottles 
  • Emergency water source


  • What is AquaPak and how do I use it?

    AquaPak® is a 420 ml pouch, ready to use water pouch that can be used in water transit kits for animal transportation or as complete water replacement. AquaPak® is easily adaptable to many types of water valves or lixits that are used in similar systems. One pouch will provide enough hydration for 5 mice/2 rats for up to 2 weeks.

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