AquaPak® (acidified clear)

Product Code:
  • 70-40-1420 420ml pouch
Suitable for:
  • Rats
  • Mice


Pre-filled, Pure Water in a Pouch

Replace Your Water Bottles with AquaPak®

AquaPak® is purified water for laboratory rodents packaged in a ready-to-use pouch. It serves as an excellent emergency water source, a convenient extended water supply, and a useful alternative to water bottles.

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Unrivaled Compatibility

AquaPak® is designed to work with most cage designs. Simply install a commercially available disposable valve into your cage system, apply the pouch to the valve, and your animals will have access to an extended pure water supply.

Superior Performance

Assuming an average daily consumption rate of 5 mLs of water per animal, a 420 mL AquaPak® pouch will last approximately 14 days for a 5-mouse cage density or 2-rat cage density, and approximately 7 days for a 10-mouse cage density.*

*Actual days of water supply will vary dependent on mouse model, sex, age, and environmental conditions.

Delivering Solutions

  • Alternative to water bottles
  • Excellent emergency water source
  • Ready-to-use pouch saves labor, eliminates bottle filling
  • 420 ml pouch volume provides extended water supply
  • Pouch format fits most cage designs
  • Acidified and chlorinated formulations available

Delivering Quality

  • Commercially sterile inside 
  • Complies with quality standards as tested by an independent laboratory
  • Certificate of analysis by manufactured lot
  • Individually coded with lot and date of expiration


Purified Water, Food Acid.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is 24 months, unopened at room temperature storage.

Recommended Dosage

Assuming an average daily consumption rate of 5 mLs of water per animal, a 420 mL AquaPak® pouch will last approximately 14 days for a 5-mouse cage density or 2-rat cage density, and approximately 7 days for a 10-mouse cage density.*

*Actual days of water supply will vary dependent on mouse model, sex, age, and environmental conditions.


  • Alternative to water bottles 
  • Emergency water source


  • What is AquaPak® and how do I use it?

    AquaPak® is a ready-to-use water pouch that can be used as a complete water supply. AquaPak® is compatible with commercially available disposable water valves. One pouch will provide enough hydration for 5 mice/2 rats for up to 2 weeks.

  • What is the manufacturing process to produce the purified water in AquaPak®?

    Water coming into ClearH2O’s FDA-inspected manufacturing facility first passes through a 5-micron pre-filter before entering a triple-stage sequence of activated filtration, before entering our Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane filtration system. Batch processing occurs in a positive-pressure HEPA-filtered clean room environment.  The ultra-filtered water is then treated with acidification to a range of 2.5 to 3.0 pH or chlorination to a range of 5.0 to 25.0 ppm to meet customer specifications. The purified treated water then goes through a final 1-micron filtration step before pouch filling and sealing, which also occurs in a separate, positive-pressure HEPA-filtered packaging clean room.

  • Are Certificates of Analysis available for AquaPak®?

    Yes. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is generated for each lot of AquaPak® and available online at Upon entering the AquaPak® lot number in the search field, a downloadable PDF file is provided.

  • What is the expiration dating for AquaPak®?

    The expiration dating for AquaPak® is twenty-four (24) months from the date of manufacture.

  • What is the AquaPak® pouch material made of and is it an approved food contact surface material?

    AquaPak® purified water is packaged in a custom designed ultra-high oxygen barrier, high strength, puncture and split resistant EVOH pouch film.

    AquaPak® pouch film meets CFR 21 177.1520 regulatory compliance as a food contact surface material. The pouch film is commonly used throughout the food and beverage industry for its high barrier properties that support extended shelf life.

  • What is EVOH pouch film?

    EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol) is a type of plastic that is commonly used in packaging products as a barrier layer. It is a very effective oxygen barrier, which means that it can prevent the transfer of oxygen into or out of the package. This can help to preserve the freshness and quality of the product inside. EVOH film is commonly used in packaging for food, pharmaceutical products, and industrial chemicals where minimum permeability is require.

  • Is the AquaPak® pouch material BPA-Free?

    Yes. AquaPak® pouch film does not contain Bisphenol-A, or other bisphenols including B, C, E, F, S and Z.

  • Can AquaPak® be subjected to extreme temperatures?

    The AquaPak® pouch film has been tested under extreme high (250°F) and low (0°F) temperatures. The film integrity is maintained at these temperatures.

    Normal temperature variations that can occur in transit and with seasonality should not have any impact on AquaPak®. To maintain integrity of the pouch seal, AquaPak® should not be subjected to extreme temperatures.

  • Is the exterior surface of the AquaPak® pouch sterile?

    Sealed AquaPak® pouches are packaged into corrugated cases inside a positive air pressure HEPA-Filtered room. However, complete packaged cases are not subject to irradiation or an alternative kill-step. Therefore, the exterior surface of the pouches is not considered sterile.

  • Can therapeutics be incorporated into AquaPak®?

    Yes. The AquaPak® pouch film can be used with commercially available transparent silicone self-sealing patches designed for injection of water-soluble compounds into lab animal water supplies.

  • Where can the medication delivery self-sealing silicon injection patches be purchased?

    Self-sealing silicon injection patches are commercially available from various laboratory suppliers.

  • How long does the AquaPak® water supply last?

    Using an average daily consumption rate of 5mLs of water per mouse, a 450mL AquaPak® pouch will last approximately 14 days for a 5-mouse cage density, and approximately 7 days for a 10-mouse cage density.

    It is important to observe that there will usually be some residual water (approx. 60mLs +/-) in the bottom of the pouch due to the height of the siphon holes relative to the depth of the shaft on the disposable valve coupled with the natural vacuum that develops in the pouch as the water is consumed.

    Actual days of water supply will vary dependent on mouse model, sex, age, and environmental conditions.

  • How do I know when I need to change the AquaPak® pouch?

    The AquaPak® pouch should be changed when the pouch is completely collapsed upon itself, and the water level is slightly above the piercing cone of the valve. However, you will want to conduct testing to confirm how long the pouch will last under your conditions.  Please note that even though there is visible water left in the pouch, the water may not drip from the valve due to the vacuum created at this water level.

  • Where can cage inserts or adapters be purchased?

    Check with your cage manufacturer for water pouch adapter information.

  • Do I need to change the disposable valve each time I change an AquaPak® pouch?

    No. The commercially disposable valves have performed reliably over multiple weeks of AquaPak® pouch changes and can be used continuously until either cage lids are disposed of, or the cage population has been transferred.

    However, consistent with good husbandry practices, it is important to monitor and inspect the operation of the valves to ensure they are reliably functioning and/or that the rodents haven’t chewed the valves to the point of being inoperable.

  • What is the blue ingredient in AquaPak® Blue?

    AquaPak® Blue contains an inert food-grade color additive approved by the FDA.

  1. The AquaPaks have been nothing but amazing! They are truly incredible and helps our overall team work better!

    Animal care Technician
    University Of Arkansas

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