Brooder Support

Improve Brooder Performance by Accelerating Early Discovery of Feed and Water

The sooner hatchlings discover and start consuming feed and water at placement, the more improved digestive and immune system development will occur and provide a foundation for strong growth.

The key metrics for poultry producers for early performance–7-day mortality, body weight, gut development, disease resistance, overall livability–are positively impacted by proper hydration and nutrition provided by early access to feed and water.

There are a number of environmental and husbandry factors that influence how readily chicks and poults begin to eat and drink on their own. In general, hatchlings are very susceptible to early stress from a number of factors–hatchery processing, temperature cycling, dehydration, delayed placement, etc.–which can impact the hatchlings’ ability to successfully discover feed and water. Enhancing feeding behavior with AquaBeads can accelerate early discovery of feed and water for improved brooder performance.

AquaBeads® are:

  • Ready-to-use
  • Room temperature shelf stability
  • Uniform beadlet size between 2-3 mm easy consumption
  • High attractant translucent green
  • Hydration and nutrition supplementation

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