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Promoting Animal Welfare and Effective Research with Gel Technology

An ethical, more convenient and labor-efficient alternative to traditional animal hydration, nutrition, and medication administration, ClearH2O’s gel technology is designed to improve your research outcomes while putting animal health and welfare at the forefront.

ClearH2O’s HydroGel® products are the world’s #1 choice for hydrating research animals. With over 100 million research animals having been shipped using ClearH2O products, animal researchers across the globe are elevating both animal condition and research productivity using gel technology. While our hydration products are industry-acclaimed, our nutrition and medication delivery products are also critical components of leading research protocols. Our nutrition-focused DietGel® products are a purified, more efficient, and easy-to-administer option for supplemental dietary support of lab animals. The enticing flavor profiles are designed specific to optimizing rodent palatability, ensuring consumption and promoting optimal health. ClearH2O’s medication delivery products—including MediGel® and MediDrop®—are designed for accurate oral dosing of target therapeutics through flavor-enhanced nutritional gels. Our medicated gel formulations significantly reduce, and even eliminate the need for injections and the associated animal handling that is standard with traditional methods. By eliminating the pain and stress caused by the administration of medication through injection, you’re helping your lab animals deliver better research outcomes while making animal welfare a top priority.

A Labor-Efficient, Ethical, and Cost-Effective Hydration, Nutrition, and Medication Delivery System

Eliminating the need to mash standard chowpellets, fill and monitor water bottles, prepare and administer injections, and more, ClearH2O’s animal research products help you achieve more efficiency so you can focus your time on critical research tasks. For weak, recovering, weaning, and post-operative rodents, cutting-edge gel technology provides a painless, less stressful means of administering vital medication and nutrition—ensuring your animals are comfortable and in good health.

Our Commitment to Quality is FDA-Approved

Produced under the highest quality standards in the industry—equivalent to those of human food—our commitment to quality is supported by an FDA-approved HAACP facility, helping you maintain ALAC and IACUC compliance while promoting the superior care of research animals. What’s more, ClearH2O’s products are always consistent, eliminating nutrition and hydration variables that impact research results. Our dedication to advancing animal research methods—with the purpose of improving animal welfare and optimizing animal facility operations—drives our commitment to quality.

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Over 100 million research animals have been shipped using HydroGel®. Providing a drier, cleaner delivery method than traditional solutions, ClearH2O’s products help researchers work smarter while ensuring their animals are adequately hydrated. With a two-year shelf life and no refrigeration or special handling requirements, ClearH2O’s HydroGel® is the optimal method for delivering hydration to lab animals.


A practical, economical solution for providing research animals with essential nutrients, ClearH2O’s DietGel products are proven to increase post-surgical survival rates and provide an ideal nutrition delivery system for compromised and recovering rodents. ClearH2O products are known for their consistency and purity and are produced under the highest quality standards in the industry.

Medication Delivery

A labor-efficient, cost-effective, and pain-free solution for delivering veterinary approved medication to your research animals, MediGel® products promote ease of administration. ClearH2O products focus on animal welfare, serving as a painless alternative to traditional delivery methods like injections or medical chows. Discover how researchers are reducing animal handling and stress, improving therapeutic efficacy, and saving time and money with gel technology.

Enrichment Products

Environmental enrichment is a critical component of caring for lab animals—and novel, easy-to-consume foods like ClearH2O’s FiberBites® are part of some of the world’s leading enrichment strategies. Providing lab animals, like non-human primates, with an unconventional yet effective nutraceutical delivery system enhances their environment and helps ensure they’re healthy, strong, and able to help deliver the best research outcomes.

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