ClearH2O Releases its New Primate Enrichment Product, VitaBites®

Portland, ME, August 28th, 2019 –
After the success of their first enrichment product FiberBites®, and the increasing demand from laboratory animal care professionals for an easy way to supplement vitamins to non-human primates, ClearH2O officially released its much-anticipated multivitamin gummy enrichment product, VitaBites®.

ClearH2O manufactures novel gel supplements for a broad variety of laboratory animals (small rodents, herbivores, non-human primates …), to respond to a range of dietary needs for hydration, nutrition, medication delivery and enrichment. ClearH2O’s product development focus is to optimize the health and welfare of animals, while supporting research and productivity outcomes.

FiberBites® were originally introduced to provide easy delivery of prebiotics to non-human primates. FiberBites® contain chicory root, a natural source of inulin, to nourish beneficial bacteria and promote a healthy digestive tract.

More recently, customers expressed a need for highly palatable vitamin supplement for their non-human primates: ClearH2O developed VitaBites®, a multivitamin supplement designed to support general health while providing oral enrichment. VitaBites® contain a wide range of vitamins, including A, C, D, E and Bs, as well as natural flavors to promote acceptance. Their convenient gummy format makes them easy to administer and use as part of a well-balanced nutritional program for the animal.

VitaBites® are part of the non-human primates line of ClearH2O products that include FiberBites®, LabGel® and DietGel® Marmoset. Take the time to check out how other researchers are using our products, with 2 papers recently published using ClearH2O products for Marmosets and Rhesus Macaques.

The following is what some of ClearH2O’s customers have to say about the primate product line:

About ClearH2O – ClearH2O® is committed to advancing animal research and agriculture with more effective and ethical hydration, nutrition, and medication delivery solutions utilizing our proprietary gel technology. Made in our FDA approved facility, ClearH2O® products are formulated with purified ingredients and highly palatable to optimize consumption of target ingredients. The ready to use, convenient product format with long-dated, room temperature shelf stability helps animal researchers and producers improve the health and welfare of their animals while optimizing research and productivity outcomes. For more information visit


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