Overcoming Lab Animal Husbandry Challenges at AALAS 2020

Each fall, the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) holds its annual National Meeting, the largest gathering in the world of professionals concerned with the production, care, and use of laboratory animals. For 5 days, researchers, veterinarians, technicians, exhibitors and many more from the academic community, research institutions, government organizations, and commercial companies come together to enjoy lectures, posters, seminars, platform sessions and exhibits. This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the meeting will be 100% virtual, starting on October 25th, 2020 and online until the end of the year.  The program  includes 4 categories:

  • Animal Welfare, Regulatory Compliance and Public Education
  • Biomedical Research, Medicine and Methodology
  • Facility Design, Management and Operation
  • Overcoming Challenges

Join the ClearH2O Community

ClearH2O will be exhibiting via a virtual booth this year. You will find there everything you would  at in-person exhibit: product literature, studies, new product information, sample requests, and knowledgeable staff to answer your questions. Keep yourself up to date on all the latest insights from ClearH2O by joining its community : 

Visit and join our virtual AALAS booth

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Gel Supplements for All Lab Animals

At the booth, you will find a variety of scientific data and studies on our products, including reviews and testimonials to posters and technical bulletins. What animals are you working with? ClearH2O has products to support all species!

  • Rodents:  ClearH2O’s has over nine HydroGel® and DietGel® nutritional supplement formulations to meet the full spectrum of lab animal dietary needs, including  basic hydration and nutrition during shipment, post-surgical recovery, support for adapting animals weaned to a new cage,  emergency backup water supply, overcoming severe weight loss or providing a soft diet for rodents that are unable to chew a regular hard pellet – we have a gel for each situation.

In particular,  DietGel® Prenatal has been shown to increase litter size and pup survival, and decrease cannibalism, making it an essential addition to your breeding program to improve breeding performance. Browse through our medication delivery product line, including our new MediGel® Hazelnut, for stress free delivery of antibiotics, analgesics, antiparasitics, and other therapeutic compounds!

  • Herbivores: With our ready to use DietGel® Criticare made with Timothy Hay and pineapple juice, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other herbivores get great nutritional supplementation too! Combining hydration and nutrition, DietGel® Criticare supports the needs of herbivores during shipment, reduces  inapettance, and supports post-surgical recovery.
  • Primates: Offering a variety of hydration sources, nutritional supplementation and enrichment are key for primates in captivity, as they need a stimulating, varied environment that reflects aspects of their natural habitat. ClearH2O offers banana flavored LabGel®, FiberBites® and VitaBites® for all primates and DietGel® Marmoset provides high levelsof Vitamin D to help support strong bone health.

Register for our Primates Webinar on Thursday 10/22 at 2pm EST

  • Zebrafish: COMING SOON – AquaGel® Z – A purified diet specifically formulated for Zebrafish!!!

Science at Your Fingertips

  • Technical Trade Presentation: A 15 minute informal talk, where you will learn how to improve the breeding performance of your colonies. We will share tips and information about our amazing breeder nutritional support gel supplement, DietGel® Prenatal. Proven to improve breeding performance by increasing litter size and pup survival, it is your best ally for ramping your colonies back up after the COVID hit. 
  • Technician Fun Fair: A scavenger hunt for answers to questions and the opportunity to win numerous prizes! Come expand your animal care knowledge on our products and visit us to get the answers to our questions!
  • Posters & Seminars: Make sure to have a look at those presentations below, showing data on ClearH2O products:
             Poster 204: “Where do you place your HydroGel®” by Jacqueline Locklear from NIH-NIEHS
             Poster 9: “Carprofen delivery via water-based gel” by James Finlay from City Of Hope
             Poster by Yair Berger from Columbia University
             Seminar: “Working without water: how to successfully manage a water outage in a vivarium” by Cynthia Lockworth from MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Session Sponsorship : ClearH2O will be sponsoring the 3 sessions below:
             Platform Session – Resident Laboratory Investigation 2 : PS52 “Optimizing Food Accessibility During Zebrafish Rearing Improved Growth, Survival and Breeding Performance” TA Collins
            Seminar – Facility Design, management and operations : “Overcoming Interruptions to Daily Operations in a Large Vivarium” lead by Andrew Pesek
            Seminar – Overcoming Challenges: “Overcoming Challenges of Pain management in Rodents” lead by Mark Suckow

We hope to see you there!

In the meantime, try all ClearH2O products first hand by requesting a sample.


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